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We Help IT Companies Scale Engineering Capacity

DigitalXnode is one of the leading companies operating in the converged domain of Technology, Finance, and Consulting. Our exceptional experience in Digital, Content, Video, Web 3.0 Technologies, Regulatory, Policies, Human Resources, and Financial services enables us to deliver projects seamlessly.

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Devendra Prasad
Founder & CEO
About Us

Partner in Innovation and Collaboration

DigitalXnode is a leading company at the forefront of the Technology, Finance, and Consulting sectors. Our expertise spans Digital services, Content creation, Video production, Web 3.0 Technologies, Regulatory compliance, Policy development, Human Resources, and Financial solutions, allowing us to deliver projects with unparalleled efficiency.


Established in 2019, our team consists of industry veterans in Technology, Digital Transformation, Human Resources, Regulatory affairs, and Finance. In a short span of four years, we have successfully served over 75 delighted customers globally, solidifying our position as a trusted partner in the industry.

At DigitalXnode, we prioritize delivering a high Return on Investment for your business ventures. To ensure this, we provide comprehensive Market Competitor, Risk, Security, Regulatory, and Business Continuity Analyses to maximize the value of your investments.

What We Do

Digitize - Advertise - Monetize

Our business unit focused on Digital Marketing, enables partners and customers to position, profile, and provision their products or services across horizontal and vertical industrial sectors covering both prosumers and consumers. We bring differentiation in defining forward and backward interoperable tactical, strategic, and dynamic strategies to acquire, retain, target, and re-target customers for its esteemed customers.

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We Understand - Devices, Networks, Internat, Enterprise, Digital Domain.

DigitalXnode offers a holistic approach to business solutions, with specialized units catering to diverse needs. From Content and Video services for Social and Non-Social Media to expert Consulting in areas like Blockchain, AI/ML, and Regulatory Compliance, we ensure your business stays ahead of the curve. Our Recruitment and Placement unit excels in providing top talent swiftly, focusing on key qualities like Conviction, Commitment, and Communication for successful placements within 72 hours.

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Our TAT is 72 Hours With Complete Solution Roadmap

We provide Virtual HR, HR Policies, and Payroll management services tailored for Small and Medium Size companies, offering cost-effective solutions through remote operations. In the realm of financial services, we extend expertise in direct and indirect taxes, audit, and compliance to both domestic and international clients. With India's GDP growing at a rate exceeding 7%, and a projected upward trajectory for the next decade, totaling over 290 million households, there exists significant potential for companies to strategically invest in or expand their presence in India. Our financial consultants at DigitalXnode guide businesses in taxation, regulatory compliance, and seizing new opportunities for growth and expansion in the Indian market.

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Our vision at DigitalXnode is to lead businesses into a future of innovation and growth through strategic insights, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to excellence. We aim to be the preferred partner for organizations seeking sustainable success and competitive advantage.



Our mission at DigitalXnode is to transform the landscape of collaboration and innovation by delivering customized solutions that propel the success of our partners and customers. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, creativity, and efficiency in every interaction, ensuring that we exceed expectations and drive meaningful impact in the ever-evolving digital world.


How We Works

Consultation & Needs Analysis

We start by conducting thorough consultations to understand your specific requirements in recruitment, IT staffing, digital marketing, and finance, ensuring we align with your business goals.

Customized Services

Leveraging our industry expertise and strategic insights, we customize solutions that cater to your unique needs across the four key service areas.

Efficient Implementation

Our team works diligently to source top talent, implement cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, and provide comprehensive financial services, focusing on efficiency and quality in every aspect of our work.

Client-Centric Approach

Throughout the process, we prioritize transparent communication, client satisfaction, and exceptional results, ensuring a seamless workflow that drives your business success.

Devendra Prasad

Founder & CEO

Sumit Kalra

Chief Financial Officer